Challenging the status quo, delivering project excellence.

Our project delivery team combines the deep industry experience of our project managers, the youth and enthusiasm of our project engineers and the attention to detail of our planners with industry leading bespoke project controls software to create a uniquely efficient project delivery model.

What is a project? The answer to this question is often highly contentious, many organisations have strict rules based around financial or complexity limits that govern the “norm” of project management activity required and related costs associated. We keep things a simple as we can.

Optimus treat every scope of work as a project in the strictest sense of the word; a unique activity with boundaries that carries uncertainty. That is not to say that we treat every scope of work as complex, our clients expect and deserve value so by truly understanding the nature of the boundaries and uncertainty associated with a scope, we match appropriate project management resource every time.

We have developed a bespoke suite of project and business management software called OPT (Optimus Project Tool), this governs every stage of every Optimus workscope from proposal through to close out, through automation and eradication of duplicate tasks we are able to maximise the efficiency of our people. Ask us about OPT, we’re more than happy to show it off.

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Low risk projects can often be delivered without specialist project management resource, instead being managed wholly by the lead technical engineer. Cost estimates can be developed and issued rapidly, often within hours of SOW receipt. Synchronisation with primavera P6 planning software creates an intrinsic link between schedule and project cost elements and as weekly timesheets and progress are updated the lead is able to maintain control of cost and schedule at a glance via the project dashboard.

Conversely as the risk profile of a project increases Optimus will deploy more specialist project management experience to ensure control and delivery to client requirements. Regardless of complexity the same fundamental principles within OPT are maintained, it provides the project manager with a myriad of reporting at the touch of a button so that their time is spent where it is most valuable in managing risk, interfaces and change and not in managing administration.

Optimus will always provide a robust and dedicated project management experience to our clients that is optimised both to their expectations and project requirements, we aim for absolute control of project variables so that we can deliver solutions and never surprises.