Decision and Risk

Our Decision and Risk Consultants utilise their expertise to support and simplify complex strategic and project decision making processes with strong focus on risk management techniques.

We provide expertise in solving complex problems where standard approaches don’t work, providing support to project and operations teams. Our skills lie in facilitation, numerical modelling and application of analytical decision making tools. We use a mix of quantitative and qualitative techniques to assist with everything from field operational issues to strategic decision making, often working directly at the interface between engineers and managers.


  • Risk and Opportunity Management

    • Risk Workshops
    • Preparation and management of risk and opportunity registers
    • CSRA (Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis)
    • Development and implementation of guidelines and procedures
  • Numerical Modelling

    • RAM Modelling and Reporting
    • Justifiable Spend
    • Obsolescence Modelling
    • Decommissioning Liabilities Estimates
  • Decision Support

    • Decision and Risk Analysis (D&RA)
    • Option Selection (deterministic and probabilistic)
    • Management Consultancy
  • Facilitation and Training

    • Structured Workshop and Meeting Facilitation
    • Lessons Learned Workshop Facilitation
    • Risk Management Training
    • Decision and Risk Analysis Training