Optimus awarded key scope in NZTC Hydrogen Backbone Link

We are very excited to announce that Optimus has been awarded a key scope in the Hydrogen Backbone Link (HBL) project Phase 1 by the Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC).

NZTC Hydrogen Backbone Project

Hydrogen, its production and use, will play a key role in the UK reaching its net-zero objectives. The oil and gas industry has a huge opportunity to take part and support the development of the hydrogen economy by repurposing existing infrastructure.

The Hydrogen Backbone Link project is set to position Scotland as a leading developer in establishing pan-European hydrogen infrastructure. Scotland will play a key role in creating export capabilities through repurposing and optimisation of existing onshore and offshore pipeline infrastructure.

This project differs from others in the UK, focusing on the distribution and exportation of hydrogen.

The Backbone Project will consider the implications of a hydrogen pipeline network and how this could be established between proposed energy hubs and existing national grid infrastructures. This provides Scotland and the rest of the UK an opportunity to be part of extensive hydrogen transport and distribution system. The potential to reuse existing pipeline assets to export hydrogen will accelerate the delivery of this network, whilst keeping C02 emissions from decommissioning down.

Optimus – Our involvement

The objective of our scope is to identify the best available/current state-of-the-art valve and material technologies for hydrogen transport.

The challenge and the potential difference here is that valves will leak more excessively with hydrogen, which has a much higher global warming potential than CO2 – and therefore leakage needs to be identified and mitigated.

Our scope will also include the identification of upcoming technology in this area plus any technology gaps with an outline plan of pilot opportunities to support filling these gaps.

Great for a local Aberdeen SME to have secured this work and execute a key component to support our net-zero commitments. We are extremely proud and excited to be involved!

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