Fast Track Firepump Installation

Optimus delivered a fast track, fit for purpose installation of two firepumps to our client to ensure that they were able to provide sufficient firewater to a newly installed module to meet requirements.

Following the installation of a new platform module it was noted that the existing platform firepumps could not meet the new firewater demand for the asset. As such the operator approached Optimus who they knew could deliver fast track projects to get the asset back into production. Normally for multidiscipline projects of this size the client would have expected 60+ weeks. Optimus were asked to take ownership of the FEED, detailed design, procurement, third party vendor management and onshore management of the offshore construction works. The project was successfully completed in 22 weeks, from kick off to handover of the first firepump and 26 weeks for the second firepump.

Process Challenges.

Schedule was critical and the best available Firepumps to meet the project timescales were oversized for existing pipework, so Optimus designed a process solution to fit the pumps:

  • Install a PSV downstream
  • Install a deluge management valve (Inbal type)
  • Pipework re-routed to provide balance across the pumps
  • The process solution was successfully HAZOP’d to allow the design to proceed

Mechanical Challenges.

The firepump selected to meet the timescales did not match the existing engine driver so it was necessary to raise the diesel engine driver by approximately 200mm. This introduced an extra level of complexity to the design process, and presented a number of interface challenges to overcome.

To manage the multi-discipline review of supplier design documents for quick turnaround a high level of coordination was required between design engineers, planning department, construction team and service providers to develop construction workpacks alongside design development.

Logistical challenges were encountered and overcome with regard the number of service provider companies required for existing pump removal, new pump installation, diesel engine removal and re-install on new base frame, alignments, commissioning and testing.

Due to the over pressurisation issues the Inbal automatic water control valve had to be specified, expedited, tested and engineered for connection at the discharge pipework of the replacement fire pumps and the firepump logic modified to ensure the firepumps no longer started simultaneously.

The platform F&G System was updated to provide:

  • Duty / Standby arrangement for the replacement fire pumps
  • Individually monitored Discharge Pressure Switches
  • New Individual Start pushbuttons per replacement fire pump

Optimus ensured collaborative working with both the system and anti-surge control valve vendors to safeguard the delivery and commissioning of the F&G System and Inbal valve.

Project Management Challenges.

To more than half the average time for the delivery, engineering, installation and commissioning of a firepump required robust project oversight and regular expediting with the pump manufacturer, fabricators and bulk equipment suppliers to ensure all materials were delivered offshore on time. The management team had to ensure that there were first class inter-discipline engineering checks and communications within the engineering team to avoid surprises and re-work. Detailed design was completed in 13 weeks with 20 workpacks issued as well as design reports and all supplementary discipline reports. Optimus procured and delivered all materials and managed requirements for third party vendors to support construction using our in- house expediting team to ensure delivery to plan.

Daily calls with the incumbent asset offshore construction team ensured that all materials were delivered and workpacks fully understood. Feedback provided by the incumbent construction team was that they wished every job was engineered by Optimus.